Costs and travel expenses

Simply enter the costs incurred and bill for employees, projects and customers with projectfacts.

Timekeeping and calculating travel expenses are tedious tasks carried out by a great deal of employees in many companies. Any mistakes made here can quickly cost the company a substantial amount of money.

The costs and travel expenses modules fully integrate into the existing timekeeping, project management, CRM and invoicing programs by projectfacts.

Quick and easy

Recording travel expenses and generating staff settlements and customer bills is child's play with projectfacts. No expenses are missed out and billing for projects, employees and customers is always correct and transparent.

Checks are important

Travel expenses are settled in three easy steps: the employee enters his or her times, costs and journeys. The details are then checked and approved for settlement. The third step involves the issuing of settlements at the click of a button, including the necessary documentation such as invoices for the customer and staff settlements for the employee.


The costs can be entered with various currencies, VAT rates, payment types and private shares. The absence times and location are taken into account for the additional costs for meals.

Smart entry assistance

Meals that were already included in the accommodation are also shown correctly. In addition to conventional travel expenses, all other types of external and internal costs can be entered and billed as well. This means that any costs or materials that were incurred or used in a project are booked for the right project and, if necessary, are charged to the customer at a later date.