CRM software - customer relationship management

Keeping you informed of what your colleague discussed with your customer!

All data on your customers and potential customers are processed and prepared using the CRM system in projectfacts. This helps keep you informed and enables you to offer your customers appealing services that suit their needs.

The software also supports the optimisation of internal workflows. It automatically collects all information about your customers and makes this information available centrally.

If a customer calls, a glance at their customer file will tell you what has already been discussed with them. You'll of course also see current and past projects plus all invoices and offers. In addition, projectfacts reminds you to call the customer at appropriate times and offers statistics regarding your sales activities and successes.

Structured customer database

Administer your customers, potential customers or suppliers. Enter sub-organisations, departments or branches and assign the relevant contacts. projectfacts offers you a database that provides you everything you need to know about your customers.

Know all about your customers

With just one glance, you'll see everything you need to know about your customer. In addition to contact details, address or position, you'll find a summary of all emails, dates or transactions. See which projects you are currently taking care of for your customer and maintain an overview of all invoices and other important documents.

Follow-up reminders - don't miss the right opportunity

When was the customer last contacted? How long has it been since the last offer? And more importantly, what information was important? Regardless of whether you or a colleague made contact, everyone has access to the most important information at a glance. Follow up exactly as and when the right time comes.

Sales opportunities - pursue your leads

Which phase are your sales opportunities in? Where are you about to make the close and what else has just come in? Maintain an overview of your leads and follow up at the right moment. Give your sales process structure and don't miss out on any more future opportunities.

Campaign management - reach your customers

Create mailing letters and send them directly from projectfacts as needed. Regardless of whether they're seminar invitations, general information or Christmas letters. Assign the right contacts to the relevant group with the click of the mouse. 

Freely customisable filter settings

The CRM in projectfacts offers you a range of filter options. Experience shows that each company additionally sorts their contacts according to special categories. This also isn't a problem. Thanks to the freely customisable fields, you decide how your contacts are categorised. This way, you'll always find the contact you're looking for.

Analysis - learn from the best sellers

As is expected of projectfacts, all the recorded data such as monthly revenues by seller, response rates or similar queries are provided in predefined reports. These can be isolated and filtered according to individual requirements. Increase overall revenues by recognising the best sales channels.