File repository

You can access all important files using the file repository. This makes the cumbersome emailing of files a thing of the past.

projectfacts features a user-friendly file repository that can be used to store and manage files and directories. As many files and directories can be stored as necessary.

The files are represented in a tree structure. Both files and directories can be created, uploaded, modified and moved. A permission system determines the editing and reading rights for each file and directory. The display is intuitive and very similar to the Windows file manager.

Drag 'n' drop

The files can simply be copied into projectfacts by drag 'n' drop. Insert the projectfacts directories into your file manager via WebDAV.

Edit files online

Files can be opened by mouse click and edited directly online. An applet ensures the data are stored back in projectfacts and not in the temporary Internet directory.

Create new documents quickly and easily

You have the option to save templates for new files in the system. These could be offer templates, for instance, or simply empty Word or Excel files that can then be created quickly.

Access older data thanks to version control

Version control saves all changes, making it possible to access existing, older versions at any time.

Allocate files to projects

In order to maintain an overview, it's possible to link files with projects. Each project has its own file repository where the linked files can then be seen.

Files are secure and protected

The file repository also supports the group-based permission system by projectfacts. This way, access or editing rights can be restricted to certain processors or groups if necessary.