Human resources

All the data about your employees is collected and processed in the projectfacts HR portal. This ensures you're always up to speed regarding all employees and departments - making for a powerful tool that you can use to manage your staff effectively.

The system is highly flexible and can be adapted to all the individual circumstances of your employees. In addition to the normal standards, relocations, special holiday, parental leave, hiatuses, warnings, overtime compensation and lots of statistics are no problem at all for projectfacts.

Flexible and predictable

Various data can be added for different periods of time using projectfacts. This enables to you to respond flexibly to changes, such as relocating to another state with different public holidays or changes to working times. Real situations can also be considered in capacity planning thanks to the flexible adjustment of each employee's available working time.

Call on and support employees

projectfacts makes it possible to enter any number of evaluations and notes for an employee. All information about top projects, salary development, further training, available holidays or sickness days can be used in a meaningful report prior to a staff performance review, for instance. This allows the whole year to be assessed in the case of annual meetings and is not limited to the last number of weeks the reviewer is intuitively able to recall.

Organisational chart

The organisational chart provides a visualisation of your company structure including the employees of each department. A tree structure shows the relationship between the individual departments and their superordinate departments. Directors and deputies can be depicted using the special roles.

Employee and department data

You'll always have an overview of all the data regarding holidays, illnesses, department sizes, commissions as well as terminations using various reports.

Overtime and holidays

The system manages each employees' overtime as well as their available holidays. It displays how much the employee has worked, taking illness and holidays into consideration, and how much they ought to have worked. Employees can be measured according to their attendance or the book project times.

Holiday requests

Employees can apply for holidays via projectfacts and the respective line managers are able to approve the holiday. Each employee has their own holiday statistics and can always see how many holidays they have left. The system shows all planned and approved holidays in a clear manner. The permission groups can be used to manage which line manager is able to approve the holidays for which employees. A line manager can see all the holiday requests he or she is able to approve. Coherent reports are available, for instance for holiday accruals. Regulations can also be used for the automatic expiration of holidays.

Sickness leave

Employees can report themselves as being ill. The departments affected are informed and the system makes an adjustment to dynamic resource planning. Various reports show clearly who has been ill and how often.