Invoicing software – comfortably manage finances

Invoicing for projects could scarcely be easier and you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing has been left out - with the 'all-inclusive' package by projectfacts.

Offers and invoices can be created and managed online with invoicing in projectfacts. It seamlessly integrates into the existing modules. This does away with repeat data entry - all processes work hand in hand and are also documented.

The software takes different pricing models, languages and currencies into account. Individual layouts provide a professional look. Furthermore, the invoicing module supports the logging of incoming payments as well as the sending of payment reminders and warnings in PDF format. By linking invoices with projects, booked times can be billed with ease, automatically ascertaining the success of the project.

Offers - leading to your order

projectfacts helps you create offers effortlessly. This makes the daily work in sales significantly easier. Offer tracking provides you a clear view of the current status of ongoing offers and when it might be worth making another phone call. Data are thereby compared between the CRM, project and ticket system with the real offer data.

Your order is your project

You got the order. Now all you have to do is take care of it. To make sure you can get started right away, projectfacts will create a project for you on the basis of your order with just the click of the mouse. Items and budgets are adopted automatically. This way, you don't just book your times for your project, but also for your order at the same time. You can then bill for your order and your times are directly assumed together with the proof of service.

Creating invoices - easily and automatically

Invoices can be generated automatically for orders and projects, making billing that much easier. But even if you don't currently have an order, you can create and follow any number of invoices. When creating the invoice, you likewise have control over all the important details: set the payment periods, grant a cash discount or price reduction, or also enclose your proof of service. The integrated DATEV interface allows you to forward your invoices directly to your tax advisor.

One stocklist and many prices

Your goods and services can be easily and coherently managed in the stock management system. For instance, you can define the pricing or billing type. As soon as you've added your stock once, you can include them in as many price lists as you see fit: for example, for special customers or for additional currencies.

Receivables management

Do you always have control of your incoming payments? Do you know which invoices are still outstanding and which have already been settled? Thanks to integrated receivables management, you no longer have to worry about it. You are automatically informed when there is the need for action. Send payment reminders or warnings when necessary.

Contract management

The majority of contracts include different clauses with regard to the start, end, extension cycles and the termination regulations. The billing formalities also often vary: for instance, monthly billing for annual contract periods. With projectfacts you'll always have an overview of when an invoice can be generated or which contract has to be terminated at what time.

Analyse your success

How much revenue did your company make in the last month? Which customer provides you with the most income or which service or project is responsible for your greatest earnings? These are just some of the questions each company should know, and projectfacts can answer them in just a few mouse clicks. Freely customisable reports also provide you with lots of additional options for analysis.

Custom layouts – your records in projectfacts

All records such as offers, orders, invoices or proofs of service are generated in PDF format. You can either send these documents directly from projectfacts, download them or print them out and send by post. The layouts can be adjusted according to your templates, ensuring these documents appear exactly as you intend them.