Multi-project management software

Multi-project management with a strategic focus

A well thought-out multi-project management system deals with planning, controlling and monitoring the entire range of projects in a business unit or in the whole company. Multi-project management therefore also specifically refers to the alignment towards company targets, and the planning, controlling and adjustment of projects in a project portfolio.

projectfacts offers the following for your successful multi-project management:

  • Project selection and prioritisation according to strategic factors and uniform criteria
  • Controlling the entire range of projects
  • Creating transparency over ongoing and planned projects
  • Schedule and capacity planning
  • Management of interfaces between projects
  • Promoting learning from experience (related to estimations, risks, troubleshooting etc.)
  • Central quality and risk management
  • Benefit management/controlling
  • Working effectively with project templates
  • Practical conclusions by combining hard facts such as times, budgets and expenses with qualitative statements including feedback or status reports
  • Transparency in project development through the submission of process data and the option to track events and past statuses