Online project management

Maintain an overview of your projects. Know who is currently doing what and what needs to be done next at any given time.

Successful projects aren't a matter of coincidence. They are the result of maticulous planning, timely management and active execution. This is where we come in.

Perfect structuring - thanks to phases, milestones and dependencies

Regardless of whether you're handling a small project or an extensive project, projectfacts offers you the right tools to work with. Divide your projects into phases, set milestones and define the dependencies. This ensures you maintain an overview at all times. Do you not need any of these tools? Then simply leave them aside and carry out your project at the highest level.

Your project is your order

Why bother entering everything twice, when it's actually just the same information? Thanks to direct linking, your project is your order. Handle your orders directly as a project. Your items and budgets are automatically adopted. Once you're finished, simply issue your invoice with a mouse click.

All projects under control

Do you want to find out the status of your projects? Or how well individual tasks have progressed? Is everything running to plan or does action need to be taken? projectfacts provides you the answers to these questions. This means you'll never lose sight of the big picture, even when you have lots of different projects.

Project roles - assign responsibilities in projects

Assign the employee responsible to each project. Regardless of whether they're project manager, processor or simply project support: give out roles and plan tasks. This way, everyone will contribute to the success of the project. Your employees will enter their work and progress for each project and sub-task. 

Work packages - see what really needs to be done

Using work packages you can see which tasks have to be completed within a given project. This provides a perfect distinction between project structure and project activities. Set a time budget, define the tasks and assign the responsible processors.

All the information you need

Successful projects require comprehensive documentation. Only those who have the necessary information are able to complete their tasks effectively. Regardless of whether you'd like to add files, issue to-do lists or discuss how to proceed, projectfacts offer you the options you need for each project.

Contribution margin - increase success and quality

Increase precisely what ultimately matters - the success and quality of your projects. They can also be verified at any time using integrated reports and success analyses. Take a look at the contribution margin, analyse the project times or the status of your projects.