Task management and Open Points

Improve self-organisation and work more efficiently - with task management in projectfacts.

Task management in projectfacts allows the many details of project business to be organised and coordinated. In addition to the project management and tickets modules, it offers additional options to easily plan things both in work groups and independently, and process them quickly.

All the details are recorded automatically, preventing anything from getting lost.

Assign and coordinate project activities

Don't miss any tasks out in your projects - simply assign as many open points as desired and delegate them to the right project members. Whether it's to-do lists, targets, problems or ideas, you'll always have everything under control. You can quickly and easily see which tasks have already been completed, are still to be done or which tasks are overdue.

Self-organisation - work through your own to-do lists

Perhaps you need to finalise a meeting report, check your documents or make an important phone call. Whatever you have to do, you shouldn't forget it. Thanks to your own to-do lists, you'll improve how you organise your own activities. Define a deadline, set reminders and check off your tasks one by one. And be safe in the knowledge you haven't forgot anything.

Create thematic task lists

Do you have several open points for a certain issue? For instance: from the last meeting, for a particular department or for dealing with new customers?
Create thematic task lists with ease and allocate them to the respective work groups. This provides a clear list of those points that are open and still to be completed.


Task management - assign to-do lists quickly

Tasks, goals or problems don't just arise in projects, they also occur in daily work. In order to maintain an overview here as well and be able to assign activities to the right colleagues, you have the option to create tasks as Open Points, without the need for a project.

Increase efficiency with meeting records

The Open Points list offers you the option to create the minutes of meetings. Assign all the points, ideas or objectives to your lists. At the end of the meeting you create a record which defines the progress status at that time. The completed tasks are deleted from the active list simultaneously. This way, you always have access to an up-to-date list, serving as the perfect basis for your next meeting.