Online timekeeping

Easy, quick and reliable

Regardless of the company, sector or location. Easy, quick and above all reliable - that's how online timekeeping ought to be. We made precisely this our aim, and this is precisely what we have achieved. This way, you can flexibly record times according to the company and situation.

You can enter attendance times or project times - or them both together with ease, meaning you don't waste a single minute. Your employees can quickly and easily allocate their time to projects or customers. And if you like, you can even use the stopwatch.

Keep an overview of your employees' absences, sickness leave and holidays. Follow a flexi-time model or fixed timekeeping. Register on the PC or via external terminals. However you want it, timekeeping will help make your work easier, save time and above all is precise and reliable.

Take one look. Get every detail.

Do you want to know what's important today? You'll receive your own priority list. As soon as you've logged in, you'll quickly and easily see what has to be done today. You get an overview of your top tasks and top projects. Book time slots there directly and complete your to-do list. This way, your project manager is also always kept in the know regarding the current progress of projects.

Record your attendance time – quickly and easily

Just one mouse click is enough - recording your attendance time could scarcely be easier. See what time you began and finished work in recent days. Manage your time and maintain an overview - regardless of whether you're working in the office or are out and about.

Allocate your time to your projects

Maintain an overview. Allocate your working hours to the right projects with ease. Your working day is precisely visualised in a few short steps. Quickly and easily. This way, you don't waste a minute of your time available.

Holiday planning - as easy as it ought to be

One wish, one thought, one click. Send your holiday request to your line manager in no time at all. They are immediately notified and are able to accept or decline the request with just a single mouse click. You can also keep an overview of your colleagues' holidays.

Sickness leave

Enter all your employees' sick days centrally. This ensures you maintain an overview of the employees who are currently ill, and above all, how long they're expected to be off work.

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Terminal: timekeeping even quicker.

Why shouldn't it be possible to do it quicker? Record your employees' attendance time with ease using external terminals. We provide the interfaces that make exactly this possible.