Wiki - all information in a single place

The wiki system allows all the information in the company to be easily archived and quickly accessed by those who need it.

Using the wiki module you can collect and link all the information about your projects, customers and employees. This knowledge database will help you to quickly and effectively map and utilise the expertise in your company.

Anyone is able to use the simple yet flexible entry system and make their information accessible to others in the company.

Always the right information

All information can be quickly accessed using the full-text search. In addition, it is possible to link wiki pages directly with many projectfacts elements. This ensures you have the information exactly where you need it.

Tracked changes

Wiki pages offer version management, allowing each change to be tracked. A permission system is also supported which enables different pages to be made accessible or editable for certain users only.

All types of information

You have the option to insert files, images and tables or link to other pages. This results in an extensive knowledge database that can be used and maintained by all employees.