The ticket system in projectfacts

All customer enquiries can be handled quickly and conveniently using the ticket system - regardless of whether they're quotation requests or support queries.

In addition to internal and external communication, the ticket system in projectfacts also enables outstanding tasks to be collected, processed and monitored, regardless of their allocation to a project. It supports and coordinates the organisation of unpredictable daily business with regard to your binding deadlines and prioritised tasks from projects.

Several types of tickets are possible. A support environment with requests or error reports is also just as feasible thanks to seamless integration in projectfacts, as is the allocation of tickets to project-related processes, which contain suggestions for changes. When the processor responds to a ticket or manually creates a ticket, he or she is able to use definable ticket templates that are available at the click of a button.

Tickets become tasks

A task can be created from a ticket if necessary and it can be assigned a start and end time. The necessary handling time for the ticket is taken into consideration in resource planning. Booked times are then also displayed in the analyses for projects, in controlling or in activity lists. This way, not only can you manage ticket handling and monitor its duration, you are also kept informed of your quality of service.

Define workflows and reduce response times

Attributes help to quickly classify the tickets. Depending on the assigned workflow, the current status or escalation level, the active tickets are allocated to a pool of processors or to precisely one person. These tasks are thus handled with professional control. One positive side-effect includes a reduction in response times due to the clear structures, instructions and workflows, as well as the use of modern communication channels such as SMS information.

Easy integration into your own website

New tickets can be generated directly from your homepage using the 'web-service interface'. Email tickets are identified by means of the email data or ticket ID and assigned in the CRM. The customer file is then filled automatically and you have complete transparency over the hours spent and necessary work.

External ticket dashboard

Each customer is able to monitor their tickets online and provide additional information. You are able to offer this service to your customers free of charge.