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Digital, networked teamwork: The collaboration tools from projectfacts

Good and efficient teamwork is one of the most important fundamentals for a successful project. Making the right information available at the right time and in the right place and promoting the exchange between team members in a targeted manner - these are the fundamentals for good teamwork. A team refers to the employees of a company, but also to external service providers or partners as well as customers.

With projectfacts you have the freedom to give access to the people who need it: employees, customers, partners. A great flexibility that makes networked work easy. Thanks to the integrated system, your employees do not have to remember whether an information is in the Wiki or Forum. The comprehensive search finds the information you are looking for at any point in the system.


File management

projectfacts contains a project-related central file storage, which is accessible at any time. Through the external access you can also connect partners, service providers or customers. The document management lets you view, comment and send files directly in the system.

Team Calendar

The team calendar not only allows for joint scheduling, but also provides information about attendance times and resources. You have your appointments with you always and everywhere, even on your smartphone.

Collaboration in the company wiki

For internal documentation, a Wiki is available, which includes all the functions of the great model Wikipedia. You can create your own Wiki for each project and document important information and processes there - alone or in a team.

Internal Forum

The company forum is at your disposal for internal communication. You can also create project-related forums and have them moderated by individual persons. The ideal tool for collecting ideas, discussion and targeted exchange.

Team Chat

For quick arrangements, questions or calls the team chat is available in projectfacts. It allows the 1:1 exchange, but also group conversations. The chat can not only be used in the software but also on the smartphone.

Collaboration overview

Delivers the right tools for efficient team and cross-location collaboration

Combines all communication within your company in one secure system

Makes all information findable

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