CRM system: Digital customer management


Customer and contact management - sales success increased with CRM software

With the integrated CRM system of projectfacts you maintain the contact data of your customers, potential customers, suppliers, applicants and employees once centrally and can access them everywhere. projectfacts is more than just an online CRM. It is an integrated solution that creates intelligent connections between all business processes. Therefore, you see in the CRM not only the master data for individual contacts, but also all communication and collaboration: projects, tickets, appointments, invoices etc. This way all employees are always informed about the current status of all arrangements and you can save double maintenance effort.

You also have a perfect overview of your potential customers and projects with the sales opportunities and always stay up to date with the integrated campaign management.

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Contact management

Good, correct and up-to-date information is the basis of good customer management. Therefore, the CRM of projectfacts offers you not only the pure contact data, but also all information that the networked system can find about a contact: Appointments, tickets, e-mails, offers, invoices and much more, such as customer-specific price lists, contracts and SLAs.

Customer Management

projectfacts gives you the right tool to maintain existing contacts optimally and to win potential customers. The ABC analysis helps you to set the right priorities with your customers. The Sales Funnel of projectfacts supports you to win potential new customers.

Optimize sales with CRM software

projectfacts digitalizes and optimizes sales processes. In customer folders all information that you have about a potential customer is collected: Inquiries, offers as well as notes of conversations. Follow-ups support your sales team in tracking every contact. In the sales opportunities you can see how your new business is doing across the board.

Campaign Management

Whether newsletter, serial letter or telephone calls: The campaign management in projectfacts ensures that you address potential customers with the right topics at the right time. Follow-ups remind your sales team specifically of tasks and next steps.

Checklist CRM

Any customer hierarchies
Any number of contacts per customer
Special contacts per company
Billing address
Company address
Private address
Times can be booked on subproject
Caller lists per day
"Not reached" Automatic
Phone interface
Excel interface
Company size
Sales data (VAT ID, country, VAT-exempt)
Acquisition aspect
Free fields
Any operations per contact
See all processes of a company
See all projects of a company
See all documents of a company
See all the finances of a company
Tracking of socializing and acquisition
File attachments
Customer number
Debitor number
Contractor number
Special contacts
Organization Chart
Consolidation of contacts
Synchronization with Outlook and other mobile devices
Synchronisation mit Outlook und anderen Endgeräten
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Company hierarchies
Forum per contact and company
Integration of social networks
Messanger (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Skype)
Phone list

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