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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a central task in every service company. The bigger your company, the bigger the task. That's why many companies entrust their CRM processes to intelligent CRM software. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is by far the gain in efficiency. With a suitable CRM software solution, you can outsource support tasks and increase the share of revenue-relevant activities.

Research shows that a CRM software like projectfacts can achieve a whole range of improvements:

  • Increase sales and efficiency in sales

  • Create more and more effective customer contacts

  • Reduce costs in sales

  • Optimise targeting of the relevant target group

CRM with projectfacts

projectfacts is an intelligent CRM software solution that supports you comprehensively in your sales work. We are happy to help and advise you in digitalising and optimising your sales processes.

Automate your sales processes with our CRM software

A side effect of extensive sales work is that it involves a lot of documentation work. In practice, this means that sales staff often spend half of their working time on internal documentation. As a result, they only have the other half of their working time available to devote to the actual core task: Looking after customers. This ratio is particularly unfavourable for key account managers, as they are supposed to be the mouthpiece between the customer and the company.

Instead, they are busy with internal administrative tasks. But these are often small-scale and time-consuming. In sum, a lot of time and money is lost for your sales work.

This is exactly where our CRM software comes in. projectfacts is designed to automate routine processes. This reduces the manual workload to a minimum. Thanks to the integrated CRM system and intelligent links, projectfacts can take on a wide range of tasks:

Our CRM software helps you automate sales processes so that your employees are relieved of administrative tasks. Instead, they can focus on what is most profitable for your business: serving customers.

Advantages of intelligent CRM software for your company

Sales team

The higher level of automation allows sales staff to shorten their sales cycles. As a result, more sales opportunities can be generated in the same period of time. For example, by using CRM software to help your sales staff with customer care and campaign planning, the quality and accuracy of sales activities also increases. This increases the conversion rate of your leads in the sales funnel.

Sales Manager

Sales managers benefit from a generally higher efficiency in sales because a larger share of working time is relevant to sales. This not only reduces costs in sales. When sales staff can devote more time to their customers, the overall quality of customer relationships also increases. Thanks to a comprehensive reporting system within the CRM software, you can precisely track your successes and uncover weaknesses before they become a problem.


For the management, the advantages of a CRM system are primarily expressed in better turnover figures and a larger market share. In addition, the sales successes are offset by cost savings due to the more efficient use of personnel. The consequence is a generally increased profitability of your sales department. This is also noticeable in an accelerated cash flow. In this way, the management also benefits directly from the advantages of CRM software.

Customer management

Our CRM software gives you the right tool to manage contacts. Customer folders contain all the information you have on a potential customer: Enquiries, offers as well as notes of conversations. Resubmissions support your sales team in keeping track of every contact.

ABC analysis

The ABC analysis helps you to set the right priorities with your customers. It is calculated in projectfacts in real time. The ABC analysis helps you to assess your customers correctly. Based on the share of turnover generated, you can immediately see which customers are particularly valuable. This way you can optimally adjust your customer care and acquisition processes to them.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel in the CRM software helps you to keep an overview. You can see which prospects are currently in which sales phase. This way you can easily identify order peaks or sales bottlenecks. In the sales opportunities you can see the overall status of your new business. You get a comprehensive overview of the current sales opportunities and can estimate the expected turnover.

  • Systematic online database with all your customers

  • Automatic ABC analysis in real time

  • Keep an eye on all sales opportunities with the help of the sales funnel

Our CRM software helps you automate sales processes so that your employees are relieved of administrative tasks. Instead, they can focus on what is most profitable for your business: serving customers.

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Contact management

Good, correct and up-to-date information is the basis of good customer management. With the integrated CRM software of projectfacts you maintain the contact data of your customers, potential customers, suppliers, applicants and employees once centrally and can access them everywhere.

Intelligent contact links

projectfacts is more than just an online CRM software. It is an integrated solution that creates intelligent links between all company processes. That is why the CRM system of projectfacts offers you not only the pure contact data. You also receive all the information that the system can find about a contact: Appointments, tickets, emails, offers, invoices and much more. For example, customer-specific price lists, contracts and SLAs. This way, all employees are always informed about the current status of all agreements and you save yourself duplicate maintenance effort.

Campaign management

Our CRM software digitalises and optimises your sales processes. Whether newsletters, form letters or telephone calls: the campaign management in projectfacts ensures that you address potential customers with the right topics at the right time.

Marketing and sales campaigns

The projectfacts campaign management helps you whenever you want to carry out campaigns for a group of customers. With the projectfacts CRM software you can comprehensively plan, monitor and control your marketing and sales campaigns. Mailings, for example, can be done directly from the CRM software. You need neither Word nor Excel and thus save yourself double the effort.

Automatic reminders and resubmissions

Follow-up reminders specifically remind your sales team of tasks and next steps. This way, no relevant information and actions within your campaigns fall short. Thanks to automatic reminders, your sales team will always have an overview - without having to make constant active efforts.

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Sales planning

With a multitude of sales opportunities running in parallel, good planning is the be-all and end-all. Our CRM software makes sales planning as easy as possible for you, because it puts all the relevant information directly at your fingertips.

Thanks to numerous customisable reports, you can carry out your planning data-driven and in real time. This puts an end to times when sales was purely a "gut business". The CRM software shows you quickly and clearly where there is potential.

In addition, you can generate offers and orders directly from the software. All necessary data and information are entered automatically. This way you create professional offers with a minimum of effort but a maximum of effect.

Sales tools

As an all-in-one CRM software projectfacts provides you with a whole range of sales instruments. At the beginning, as is well known, is the acquisition of new customers. With projectfacts you can systematically follow up contacts. This way you will not miss any potential lead for your sales work.

Individual sales funnels

You also have the option of creating individual sales funnels. This allows you to distinguish between different business models or acquisition channels. In any case, you always keep track of where your prospects are in the sales process.

Key account management

A key account system automatically assigns a contact person within your company to each customer. The key account manager receives all necessary information about his customers at a glance. This enables him to react competently to enquiries immediately. This is how "one face to the customer" works. If desired, customer information can also be narrowed down to your respective key account managers. Your CRM software makes it possible.

Checklist CRM

Any customer hierarchies
Any number of contacts per customer
Special contacts per company
Billing address
Company address
Private address
Times can be booked on subproject
Caller lists per day
"Not reached" Automatic
Phone interface
Excel interface
Company size
Sales data (VAT ID, country, VAT-exempt)
Acquisition aspect
Free fields
Any operations per contact
See all processes of a company
See all projects of a company
See all documents of a company
See all the finances of a company
Tracking of socializing and acquisition
File attachments
Customer number
Debitor number
Contractor number
Special contacts
Organization Chart
Consolidation of contacts
Synchronization with Outlook and other mobile devices
Synchronisation mit Outlook und anderen Endgeräten
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Company hierarchies
Forum per contact and company
Integration of social networks
Messanger (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Skype)
Phone list

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