The optimal ERP solution for your consultants


The back office for your customer projects

In order for your consultants to provide full service to your customers, two points should be fulfilled: simple and fast usability as well as good administration in the background. This is exactly what projectfacts offers you with its smart functions:

Flexible resource planning

Keep an overview of your sales orders. Manage different daily rates and adjust the orders according to your needs. On the one side you always see how much is to be invoiced and when. On the other side you can see the current status in the corresponding project. In the background you lay the fundament for perfect consulting services.

Managing sales and winning customers

In order to land as many projects as you wish, projectfacts supports you with an integrated CRM system. In sales opportunities you can always see how far you are in your acquisition process. You can create offers and send them directly from projectfacts. The quotation tracking always keeps you up to date.

Recording of times and travel expenses

Your consultants are frequently at the customer's company. For this reason, it should be possible to record times from anywhere and adapt to the daily work routine. Simply book the entire week using the mobile app or the time matrix. And because they are on the road so much, the complete travel expense accounting is of course also possible in projectfacts.

Management and accounting of customer orders

What is more important than the perfect planning of your employees? This is the only way to make sure when new projects can start and which employees you can deploy where. Decide what your planning should look like: rough and long-term, or detailed and to the day - or simply both.

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