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Your digital employee file

Manage employees quickly and easily with the projectfacts HR-Tool. Store the data in a secure system, where you have always and everywhere access to it. Names, addresses, working hours, hourly rates etc. can be found without detours via the smart navigation of projectfacts. Your payroll accounting is not only clearer but also more efficient.

Absences in view

Managing employees can be difficult without a system like projectfacts. The overview of absences such as vacation or illness and when an employee works externally or in the home office must be kept. projectfacts supports you in this. Your employees request their vacation via projectfacts, which is confirmed by a responsible person. Sickness notifications for colleagues can also be entered quickly. The corresponding sick note can then be uploaded to projectfacts by drag & drop.

Manage applicants

Keeping track of the large number of applications received can be difficult. At projectfacts you will find some useful functions that simplify the application procedure. Use the ticket system to manage incoming applications with automatic answer to the applicants. For every interesting applicant you can create a new contact in the CRM, where you can save and manage the most important data and documents. You can also easily enter application dates in your team calendar.

All data in one system

The most important thing in HR is the secure management of employee data. You can maintain all relevant information and data in the master data. Here you can also manage salary, vacation entitlement, working hours or overtime, commissions and bonus regulations. In the digital employee file, you also have the option of saving files such as resumes or certificates. Of course, this access is only possible for employees with the appropriate authorization.

Use capacities

Do you know if your employees are occupied enough ? projectfacts supports you in your personnel planning. You avoid overlaps as well as overloads and get the best out of your team. For example, you determine who is responsible for a project, who works on it and who is a silent observer. The integrated scheduling assistant supports you in personnel planning. Here you can select the conditions according to which you want to schedule your team, whether according to availability, working hours, department, skills, level or even customers.

Display of the employee workload

Benefits for your HR department

Manage your employees digitally and safely

Efficient personnel planning, thanks to smart tools

Create a separate ticket channel for incoming applications

Configure authorizations for your employees

Simplified overview of absences, such as vacation or illness

You always have an overview of resources and capacities

You are only one click away from your digital employee file!

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