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Record, evaluate and bill working times and project times - all in one system

projectfacts combines the recording of attendance time and project times of your employees in one software. By combining these data, you get a complete working time recording online. As a result of the obligation to record working hours introduced by the ECJ, a corresponding system will soon become indispensable. With projectfacts you will already meet all relevant requirements.

You also benefit from a whole range of features that make your work noticeably easier and offer your company real added value:

Systematic digital time recording of all employees

Check-in and check-out mobile, online or via terminal

Documentation, accounting and analysis of project times


From attendance time to project time

projectfacts is an integrated system that links time recording sensibly and intelligently with other processes in your company. You can gain the greatest advantage from linking this data if, in addition to recording pure attendance time, you give your employees the option of booking their hours on concrete projects. Projects mean, for example, internal, possibly recurring processes or also projects with customers or other external contacts.

In this way, employees can directly allocate their working time registered via time recording to the projects, sub-projects or work packages into which the corresponding effort has flowed. The advantage? For one thing, the progress of projects can be seen from the hours booked on them. On the other hand, the hours booked for a specific sub-project or work package can be automatically billed as soon as it is completed.

projectfacts offers time tracking for projects that adapts to the needs of the users - not the other way round. Do they book at the end of the day? Do they want to record times by stopwatch? Or do they prefer a time matrix with a weekly or monthly view? Each user can decide that for themselves individually. In any case, users can accurately map their working hours and project times in just a few steps.

With projectfacts you have a system for all company processes, not only for time recording. If you use the ticket system, times can be booked directly from the ticket. Appointments and open items can also be booked directly with times. Numerous reports allow you to make precise evaluations and thanks to the integrated invoicing software, the times can be easily billed.

Time types

Basically, projectfacts distinguishes between two types of time: Attendance time and project time. The pure attendance time shows you at a glance how long an employee has worked on a particular day. For example, if your employees come into the office in the morning, you can log them in quickly and conveniently via a terminal. Simply scan a chip or card and the employee is checked in. Project times also tell you what your employee worked on during this time. To do this, your employees simply book individual "slices" of their attendance time to projects in which they were active.

Working time models

With projectfacts you can record all types of time, document it and submit it for payment. This also includes all common working time models: full and part-time work, flexitime, trust-based working time, night and shift work, working time accounts and many more. Regardless of the specific working time model, you can use digital time recording with projectfacts exactly as you need it. Even employee absences such as illnesses or holidays (educational leave, recreational leave, etc.) can be easily mapped. This enables you to plan attendance and absence times in the long term and to create customised duty rosters.

Break rules

If desired, automatic break rules can also be defined. The legislator prescribes certain minimum breaks depending on the duration of the activity. Between six and nine hours, for example, employees are entitled to a minimum of 30 minutes. If the break time is less than this, the employee receives a message. If the recorded break time is less than prescribed, the difference can be made up automatically.

Home Office

If your employees work from home, i.e. in the home office, they can easily log in via the web interface. Even if employees are away from home for external projects, you can start, pause and stop the time recording mobile at any time. The check-in/check-out function lets you know exactly when your employees have arrived and left. With online time recording, you and your employees enjoy maximum flexibility at work.

activity-report activity-report

Digital time recording, billing and activity statements

Digital time recording is an excellent basis for creating invoices. Often, in addition to pure fixed-price items, hourly-dependent items must also be accounted for. With the online time recording of projectfacts you collect this data permanently automatically. This way you don't have to collect them laboriously or maintain them in long Excel lists. Instead, everything is available at the push of a button.

Based on your standard invoice layout, all relevant items are transferred to the invoice with the correct booking time. Here, too, the allocation is fully automatic. Because employees can book their times to exactly the sub-project or work package they have worked on, invoicing is always done exactly according to the current progress of the project.

Project-based time tracking - reports and evaluations

In addition to simple accounting, digital time recording offers you numerous possibilities to monitor the progress and success of projects. Based on the recorded times, you can quickly see whether your projects are developing as desired or whether there are problems at certain points. Specialised reports allow you to take different perspectives. You can find out at a glance:

Which projects are particularly labour-intensive and therefore possibly unprofitable.

Which employees are active in which projects and how busy they currently are.

How your projects are performing in a target/actual comparison with regard to relevant key figures.

How efficiently your projects are expected to be completed with the help of the earned value analysis.

With all this information at your fingertips, you are able to make informed decisions quickly. Integrating a digital time tracking system with other business processes in your company opens up many new possibilities. projectfacts helps you keep track of everything and enables you to make timely and data-driven decisions.

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